“…the greatest bass fishing experience of Europe…”
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  • bass slide sardinia
  • bass slide sardinia
In the hearth of the Mediterranean sea there’s an island with an impressive outback nature, breathtaking turquoise sea, genuine food, ancient traditions and great native people. This island is called Sardinia…where you can enjoy the ultimate Bass fishing experience of Europe.
sardinia bass fishing tours about us

Inland waters of Sardinia are populated by Black bass, but often the best waters are not always accessible or easily accessible, other times the fishing pressure in some waters is today quite high.
So, after a period of preparation, in 2019 Sardinia bass fishing.com saw the light with the ambition to propose a valid Black bass fishing experience by offering waters with a bit lower fishing pressure, great stay and food, and fishing support.

professional black bass tour in sardinia

Sardinia bass fishing.com is conceived and promoted by some professionals united in support your future bass fishing stay in Sardinia.
We collaborate with and suggest hotels that ensures a comfortable stay in spectacular surroundings, and a great local cuisine.
We have partner travel agencies, ready to support for any logistical or extra service needed pertaining to a travel agency.

Staff sardinia bass fishing tours

Local expert black bass and sea bass fishermen, together with professionals from the sport fishing & travel field are behind the conceiving of this experience.
Our team also works in other destinations around the globe, so we speak the same “fishing language” as our guests, and we are able to support at 360° fly fishermen as well as spin anglers, beginners or expert anglers.

quality fishing for bass in sardinia

Sardinia bass fishing.com is not created for large numbers, but for the quality of the experience. We will do our best to suggest and propose you the best fishing periods, and we will be very clear with you about the fishing conditions.
Your stay in Sardinia must be not a tiring and demanding fishing experience, but a short holiday of relaxation and comfort: “take it easy”. Last but not least: we proudly support catch&release.

“…a fishing experience is a life experience that must leave great memories…”