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Fishing environment

You will mainly fish inland lakes, some with large dams, often with clear water (clearness can vary).
These are mainly medium-large waters with depths of tens of meters.
Despite this, the depth range in which you mostly will fish goes from 0 to 5 meters, and with right conditions, it is not rarely possible to experience great topwater fishing as well!
Fishing is often concentrated in small bays and along the banks, among the submerged branches where the bass stand, waiting for their prey. Fishing these water environments surrounded by an “old far west” looking like dry nature, under the sun, is really impressive.

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Our main target: Black Bass

Almost unknow in northern Europe, black bass are widely spread in Sardinia. This species was imported in the 19th Century from America, and today is the main predator of the inland waters here. It’s an aggressive fish, able to turn into spectacular fights and jumps, and for this reason is a very fun species to fish. Bass between 1 and 2 kg are amazing catches, and are not rare in the waters we will bring you, where not rarely we have caught fish over 2 or even 3 kg: record sizes for bass!

We have the unique possibility, on request, to organize a single day in some privately managed brackish waters with great populations of big sea bass. These waters are very shallow and often the sea bass are tailing like bonefish!…contact us for more informations.

sardinia bass fishing periods

Fishing periods:

Black bass loves warm weather, and become more active in warm water conditions. Although it is possible to fish all day, if for some the heat can be too strong, fishing can be concentrated early in the morning and at sunset, leaving space during the day for other activities such as swimming pool, beach or relaxation.

In autumn the air temperature is not as hot as in summer, so it is more fresh to fish all day long. The water is still warm but in general the fish tends to stay and hunt a bit deeper.


Fishing gear for bass fishing

Fishing gear: Spinning and casting

We offer boats with electric motors and belly boats!

Rods setups (we rent fishing gear):
Spinning rod 7′ 1/2 oz + fluorocarbon line 10/12lb for: Wacky rig /Texas rig

Casting rod 7’ 1oz +  fluorocarbon 16/20lb for: Jig/Texas

Casting rod 6’8″ 1/2oz + fluorocarbon 12lb for : Reaction techniques, Jerk bait /spinner bait 3/8-1/2 oz – Crank bait /top water

Crank rod  7 ‘ 3/4oz – fluorocarbon 14 lb for: Shallow crank/walking the dog

Silicones & rubber lures to bring: Shads, stick bait e creatures hog in natural colors, Crank shallow, Top water

black bass sardinia fly fishing

Fishing gear: Fly fishing

We offer boats with electric motors and belly boats!

Rods setups (we rent fishing gear):
Ideal rods are 9ft long and for 7wt and 8 wt lines.

Suggested rod actions are medium-fast, fast and very fast.

We suggest to bring more lines with in order to fish more depth ranges:
Floating lines for poppers and diver fishing and for fish under the surface.
A couple of sinking lines for fish at a dept of 2 to 5 meters.

Flies examples: wolly buggers, clouser monniws, dahlberg divers, muddler minnows, bunny leaches, flashabou flies, gurglers, poppers, surface frogs imitations, foam hoppers, crawfish